ABBA - The Backstage Stories

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A more basic edition of the Swedish version of this book was published in April 2018. Click here to read more about that edition.


March 2014 saw the publication of ABBA - The Backstage Stories. The book was instigated by Ingmarie Halling, ABBA's Make-up and Wardrobe Supervisor during their tours in 1977, 1979 and 1980 (i.e. all their tours outside the Nordic countries, except the 1974 tour of Germany and Austria).

Centred around Ingmarie's memories from the tours, and featuring previously unseen pictures from those tours, the parallel thread in the book is the other aspects of ABBA's visual presentation: the album sleeves, the costumes, and the videos. These texts were written by me. It all adds up to a book about the people who helped ABBA present themselves to their audience, and the tales they have to tell about their work - in other words, the backstage stories.

The book has plenty of commentary input from Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Frida, each of whom has also contributed a foreword.

At the time of writing, publishing deals are in place for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy and the English-speaking countries.

In the UK and in other English-speaking countries the book is published by Carlton under the title ABBA - The Treasures, with a completely different cover, although the contents are the same, except they have included a poster as well. Carlton also has an imprint called Sevenoaks, which has published the book with an alternate cover and under yet another title: ABBA - The Backstage Story; this edition is only sold through UK shop The Works. However, Bonnier Fakta in Sweden has also published a number of English-language copies of the book. These feature the same design and title as the Swedish edition.

In Denmark the title of the book is ABBA - backstage-historierne.

In Germany the title is ABBA Backstage.

In Norway the title is ABBA backstage: historiene, bildene, minnene.

In Italy the title is ABBA.


ABBA -- The Backstage Stories. Published by Bonnier Fakta, March 2014. 80 pp. Hardback in box. ISBN: 9789174243246.


Swedish and English editions, published by Bonnier Fakta in Sweden:


Carlton's English-language edition, entitled ABBA - The Treasures:


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Danish edition:


German edition:


Norwegian edition:

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